How to make trade work

  When creating a site, people think of various ways of promoting them. Diving deep in SEO, simply buying traffic, advertising in social networks. There are many ways.

  Today we want to discuss less popular option which is traffic trade. Traffic trade is a process where several web-sites exchange traffic with the help of a trade script. Trade scripts count incoming and outcoming (ins and outs) traffic, which allows to regulate how much traffic you want to send to trade and to content. We are not going to tell you what rotator and script to choose. If you are here, you probably already know some of these things.

  What is the most important is how to make this thing work.

  Let's assume you have chosen a nice domain, your favorite niche, the best rotator and trade script (we use progress by the way). You added many traders but still something is off. You do not receive that many clicks, the volume of traffic is still low and the productivity is bad. Before blaming the tech stuff, check out this small list. Did you do any of these things?

  1. You haven't done your research. Do you know what kind of site you want and what content to add there? Go to similar web and see what type of sites prevail in the niche that you've chosen. Sites with unique or strange niches (shemales, fetish, etc) usually work better if you want sign ups and purchases. If you plan just to sell and trade a regular niche like amateur, asians, etc will do.

  2. You forget about suitable design. Do you want to trade traffic from your sites or you want to send it to content providers? Think of this, most of the content providers' site have great design, nice-looking landing pages to sell the subscription. If your plan is to earn money by driving sales, you site should look not worse that the final destination. Pay attention to the sizes of thumbs, resolution, colors. If trading traffic and maybe selling it (placing banner codes, in-pages, etc.) to someone else is all you want, try to avoid heavy elements on your page. Thumbs should load fast. You might spend a lot of hours crafting the best logos, images for your site but check out this. What a user sees after he is sent to your trader? What if their site is grey and dull and they won't click anywhere? We are not saying that you should put out crap, just make it look simple. This leads to the next point.

  3. You add wrong traders. Your traders have sites with much worse design than yours. A visitor won't click there, and this will give low external productivity. This might affect your trading with the site. Receiving less traffic, or low quality traffic (hopefully not bots) sounds disappointing and affects the traffic you send to other traders. Try to choose sites that visually have similar designs, thumb sizes and, of course, niches. Make the transition of a user as smooth as possible.

  4. You ignore traffic checks. Some of the trade scripts offer simple but efficient solutions for filtering out bots, no cookie, fast clicks. You can buy the best quality traffic for feeding your traders. You are sure that you won't send any shhh.. oh crap to your traders. You have the hottest thumbs out there. The productivity dropped, you started to get less clicks and someone even blacklisted you? There are times when someone might mix in bad quality traffic or bots. One bad trader affects the whole chain.

  5. You forget to update frequently. It's important to update your site's content as frequently as possible to keep the visitors engaged. Always have some new thumbs on hand. How to understand when you should add new dumps? You will notice it when the thumbs stopped rotating and when the productivity on your site drops. 

  We collected some basic principles that will help you to re-estimate your work and optimize the site. We will be happy if you find any of these tips helpful. Stay tuned for more articles and watch our video below to get a quick grasp of this post!

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